Farm Notes: Weeds

The rains came and the farm perked up a little bit, bringing new vigor to our crops and also the weeds!

Last week we began Weeding Wednesdays, a time when we open the farm to anyone who can stop by and spend a few hours helping us control the weeds. If you are tempted to see what the real work of the farm looks like, stop by Wednesdays from 2-4pm, all summer long. You can contact Susan with any questions at

Weeds are funny things. They are a pest to our desired crops, often competing with them for nutrients, sunlight and water. However, from the earth’s perspective a weed is just another plant, doing their thing photosynthesizing, sometimes helping to fix nitrogen in the soil, sometimes creating habitat for beneficial insects and birds. A plant considered a weed to many may just be more nutrient dense than the crop it is growing next to, but since their is no market for it, we pull it out and cast it away. 

Purslane is a common summertime weed that is high in omega fats & amino acids

I often joked in the weeks leading up to the first U-Pick CSA harvest that I would allow the purslane to take over the bed and the radishes would be the weeds, since they are probably more nutritious and more vigorous. Purslane is small, succulent plant you have all seen growing on the farm, or in your garden and yard. It has a light lemony taste and is full of omegas and amino acids- rare for a plant! Some farms are finally starting to market it and you may see it one day on a farm-to-table menu. 

To learn more about purslane and other edible weeds, check out

- Erika Brenner, Assistant Farmer
U-Pick CSA Newsletter, Week #2


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