Save Our Soil - Soil Raising Party

Put the "C" in CSA - Lend a Hand at the Soil Raising Party!

Calling all members and friends--we need you!  The compost we are purchasing with the generous grant received from the Dyson Foundation will arrive at the farm shortly.  We need many hands on deck to get the compost in place. Once the compost is spread the farmers will sow in cover crop seed. The crops will hold the compost in place over the winter.

Join us:  Saturday, September 24th, 8AM - 2PM
At 12:00 we will break for a potluck lunch--please bring a dish to pass and your own mess kit.

This will count as work hours for our CSA Working Share members -- but you don't have to be a member to participate -- volunteers from the community are welcome, so please spread the word.

We ask that if you have them, please bring:
Metal rakes

Again we need all hands on deck! Our staff and Board members are doing everything we can to ensure a fertile season next year, but this is where the community, the "C" in CSA comes in.

On that note, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to Pangea Bohl who put a lot of energy and intention into a full moon fertility ritual in our fields on Monday. Thank you, Pangea! And thank you again to all members of the Common Ground Farm community who continue to contribute to our recovery efforts - we can't do it without you.

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