Food Justice

Common Ground Farm believes wholeheartedly in the rights of people to grow, sell and eat healthy food. Our farm and programs support the well-being of our land and community, and we collaborate with regional and national partners to create a more just food system.

Connecting people with agriculture:
Common Ground Farm makes the commitment to pay all of our farm staff above minimum wage, to provide all of our staff with access to farm produce, and to welcome people of diverse age, race and economic backgrounds to the organization. We bring young people to the farm to learn about agriculture through Common Ground’s educational programs and through our longtime partnership with CCEDC’s Green Teen Beacon program. CGF’s education programs are all supported with grant funding, allowing us to offer field trips and summer camp to everyone. During the growing season, the Green Teens visit the farm weekly to learn about agriculture, and join us at the farmers’ market for job training. We also hire two Next Step teen interns who work with the farm crew during the summer season.

2017 Fall Gleaning Volunteers.JPG

Food Access:
We support emergency food services in the Mid-Hudson region with weekly produce deliveries to seven different food pantries and soup kitchens. In 2018 we donated over 5,000 pounds of produce to these outlets.

We host gleaning events to donate larger quantities of produce for processing or regional distribution.

We operate and sell produce at mobile markets in Beacon and Newburgh, bringing fresh, affordable Common Ground Farm produce to parts of these cities where residents have limited access to fresh produce.

We accept EBT/SNAP, FMNP and WIC-FMNP at ALL of our markets, and in Beacon we match all food benefits with additionally Greens 4 Greens program to double their value.

Changing the food system:
Common Ground Farm is actively working to develop a local economy that works for everyone in the Hudson Valley. Our Farm-to-School program supports local produce procurement and provides links between farmers and the school system. We partner with healthcare providers and insurers to provide preventative healthcare via healthy eating, such as our mobile market at Hudson River Healthcare. Our two farmers’ markets create profitable, viable sales channels for local agricultural businesses through effective outreach and events, and our Hudson Valley double up program, Greens 4 Greens, doubles the value of food benefits used at the market, benefiting consumers and producers.